Yes… We will be using Twitter in class.  And, no, Twitter isn’t just for celebrities and sport stars.  Twitter has many facets.

We will be using Twitter as a micro-blogging avenue and a step into your Writer’s Notebook.  The beauty of Twitter is that it limits you to 140 characters (minus our course hashtag – #PSUcomp).  It forces you to be brief, creative and poignant all in one, succinct medium.

After you’ve set up an account, if you don’t already have one, submit it on the Google Form (along with your email, blog address and more).  You must have your Twitter account set up by Februray 3nd at Midnight.  I will create a Twitter List under my account (@mrsalander) by Saturday the 4th also at Midnight.  You will then follow everyone on the course list.  Insta-Followers!


Daily Tweets

For the first 6 weeks, you are expected to tweet daily.  Yes… daily.  You read that correctly.  After six weeks, we will re-evaluate.

“But, I don’t know what to Twit, Tweet, whatever about…”

Ah… but you do.

Many writers find keeping a journal a valuable exercise.  In it they record ideas for writing, jot down interesting details and dialogue observed and overheard, respond to readings and visiting writers, practice writing experimentally, indulge in language play, write letters they will never send, write down dreams, copy or imitate favorite quotes from their reading, and let their thoughts flow freely.  The purpose of this journal is to keep you writing and thinking about writing, to help you develop your voice, and to give you the opportunity to practice, practice, practice.

Your daily tweets (that must be tagged with #PSUcomp) will revolve around, be centered on, talk about, delve into, deconstruct, rebuild and more the abstract noun you selected.  You may tweet anything in regards to your word.  A statement you over hear, a quote you find, your own thoughts.  Your tweets may be expanded into your larger, weekly journal pieces that will comprise your writer’s notebook.

So, you’re out and about and you overhear someone in the HUB state something that you positively must Tweet about… but you’re not at your computer.  Fear not, there is an easy answer for you… you can send a Tweet from your phone as a Text Message.  Easy Peasy…

Setting Up Your Account

  1. Update your Twitter Profile.  Make sure you add a picture (real or abstract) and your name.  If you are digital footprint wary, feel free to use your First Name and Last Initial.  If you are a current Twitter user, feel free to use this account.  No use making a new account.
  2. After the 4th of February, visit my profile and check out the Twitter List.  Follow all of your classmates.  I’ve combined both sections of Composition.  This way everyone will have 40 or so people that they are following and are following you.
  3. Complete the Digital Footprint form.

As always… questions, comments, concerns and complaints… Let me know… :-)