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  • Jmsteele1

    Jackie Steele
    Body Mapping
    Feb 14,2012

    It was the crack of the morning; the sun was creeping up behind us as we started back on the highway towards Tennessee. One driver, one passenger and the rest of us packed in the back of a little Mazda Sudan. Five 19year olds packed up and ready to go surprise a best friend. Each mile that we got closer,we built up more excitement. With Massachusetts plates on the back of the car we knew were not going to be liked throughout every state past New York.
    Bags packed to the top of the trunk and bags stuffed in between our seats, and blankets under and over us. We get started on the highway, music on low Dunkins in one hand and resting our heads on each other like a domino effect. We get up to a decent speed and move over into the fast lane although there are 2 other cars on the highway with us. We continue to gain speed and put on the cruise and start to wake up more each minute. We reach the speed of a solid 75 mph and were flying by other cars not realizing how fast we really are going. We get out from under a bridge and notice a black and gold state trooper car parked behind 3 dead bushes and immediately the driver hits the breaks and we all jolt forward holding onto each other and the seats. We all turn our heads around and notice a started state trooper car coming onto the highway with the lights coming on right after that. We all started freaking out, not 100 percent sure of what our speed was and right before we knew it he was behind and we had our blinker on and was pulling over into the break down lane. We flew on un buckled seat belts and turned down the music, looked at each other and laughed under our breath. I looked out the back of the window and we see this 6ft tall mid 50’s state trooper with a hat on and big police boots on walking over to the drivers side of the car with one hand on his gun. My friend rolled the window down and they started to ask for all the requirements, License, and registration. It was mom’s car and I was the only one who knew where to find it as I was squeezed in between a door and my friend in the middle seat. We handed him all the things he asked for as he gave us dirty looks and turned around to his car parked behind us. Curse words were spilled from everyone’s mouth, all we could think was that he saw the “mass-hole” license and 5 teenagers and was going to not care at all and hand us the most expensive ticket, and then we would be on our way. He got back to us in a record time of only 2 minutes. The suspense of what was going to happen changed with every step he took. He gave everything back and then he handed over the 100$ ticket, as he scanned the back of the car and saw nothing more then food and lazy, tired teenagers. We answered his questions and he sent us on our way with an extra 100$ debt in our pocket, but were not going to let that ruin the rest of the week we had with each other. The only thing we would have to worry about would be the drive back to Mass without getting pulled over and watching our speed every second one of us were driving.