Day to Day

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Updated 3/13/2012

3/1 (R)
Peer Editing

Finish Gentlemen, Start your Engines
DUE: Revision Draft of Define It

3/5 (Su)

3/5 (M)
Drop & Post Clean Draft Define It

3/6 (T)

3/8 (R)
Intro: Power of Words (PoW)

3/11 (Su) 
WJ6: Related to your abstract noun and film


3/13 (T)
Read NRR pp 308 – 315
Q&Q9 (NRR)
VD PoW Dropped and Hard Copy Brought into class
Peer Review Day

3/15 (R)

Vomit Draft Due–3 copies printed out for class
Re-Drop if necessary/required (you didn’t sign the note-card for me to give you feedback.)

3/20 (W)

Clean Draft PoW Dropped and Posted

3/25 (Su)

3/27 (T)

Intro Rants

3/29 (R)
Vomit Draft Rant
Read: Singer Solutions to World Poverty
Intro: Issue Inquiry

4/3 (T)
Questions, Questions, Questions
Due: Inquiry Question
Read: NRR pp 323-332

4/1 (Su)
Drop/Post Clean Draft Rant

4/5 (R)
Due: 250 word Inquiry Overview
Plagiarism & MLA Review
Read: NRR pp 332-344

4/10 (T)
Plagiarism Disc
Research Journal x2 on Blog
Will My Inquiry Work?

4/12 (R)
Research Journal x2 on Blog

4/17 (T)
Vomit Draft Issue Inquiry
Revision Day

4/19 (R)
Tech Day
Revision Day 2
Sch’d 1:1 Conferences

4/24 (T)
1:1 Conferences
Revision Draft Issue Inquire Brought to 1:1 Conference

4/26 (R)
Intro Meta-Cognitive

5/1 (T)
Intro PSA Mashup

5/2 (W)
Post & Drop Clean Draft Issue Inquiry & Prezi

5/3 (R)
Work on Mashup

5/8 (T)
Work on Mashup

5/10 (R)
Work on Mashup

5/11 (F)
Post & Drop Metacognitive

Present Mashup

  • Jeff Moriarty

    How long was the PoW again? 1000-1500?