Meta Analysis

As the semester winds down, I would like you to spend some time reflecting on the work you have done this semester.  Your final assignment is a portfolio that highlights not only your successes and struggles in this course,  but also your assessment of yourself as a writer.  The portfolio has two components:

Artifcacts: I would like you to choose three pieces of writing that best show who you are as a writer and/or your development over the course of this semester.  These pieces can be short in-class writings, or something as large as your research paper.  If you use longer papers, make sure you include all drafts and label each, with the final draft on top.

Reflective essay: In a minimum of 750 words, I’d like you to accomplish three things: First, discuss who you are as a writer, where you started from and where you are now.  Second, I’d like to know what you learned this semester.  Specifically, what activities helped you grow?  What were your big successes?  What do you still need to work on?  And last, I’d like you to introduce each piece in your portfolio.  Talk about your writing process and both the strengths and weaknesses of the piece.  I have included some additional questions to prompt your thinking about this essay: you need not answer them all, but they should help to get the pen moving (or keys click-clacking).

  • Describe the types of writing that you do. (Include a description of the types of things you have done in class and a list of the writing you do out of class)
  • Describe your process.  How do you write your pieces?  (Try to describe exactly what you do)
  • What works best for you? (What things that you have tried have worked well to help- you to write well?)
  • How do you feel as you are writing something? (emotional response)
  • Describe yourself as a writer.
  •  How do you feel about yourself as a writer?
  • What is writing for?  What purposes does it serve for you?
  • What do you need in order to produce your best work? (material and non-material things- conditions for working)
  •  What type of response is most helpful to you?
  •  What do you do best as a writer?  (strengths)
  •  What would you like to work on as a writer? (goals)