Reading Oscars…

As we begin our next essay, “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines,” I want you to read and assign the following awards…

  1. Best Line
  2. Best Quote
  3. Best Visual Line
  4. Best Emotional Line
  5. Best Story line
  6. Most Intellectually Phrased
  7. Most Influential sentence
  8. Most Descriptive
  9. Best Scenery Description
  10. Most Intense Moment
  11. Most Emotional Scene
  12. Best Mental Image
  13. Most Horrific
  14. Best developed character
  15. Post Provocative Paragraph
  16. Best Storyline
  17. Best developed character
  18. Most Influential sentence
  19. Post Provocative Paragraph
  20. Most Thought Provoking


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