Research Journals (x2)

For Tuesday.. You need to have two research journals completed… Post to your blogs…

The Research Journal

Research is a critical part of college writing, but it is also just a really great way to learn more and be able to think about things from new perspectives. The research journal asks you to do the following:

  • Briefly summarize the main points of a single piece of research you may include in your Inquiry project. This might be a newspaper article, a scholarly journal, a credible website, a documentary, or any number of primary and secondary sources. If you aren’t sure if it is appropriate, ask.
  • Why is this piece credible?
  • Critique the piece: How well was it written? Is the argument convincing? Is anything missing?
  • Is the piece useful to your research? How and why? Or why not? If the piece is not useful for your purposes, what are the purposes for which it would be useful?
  • Use MLA style citations

The complete journal should be 250+ words each… posted to your blog.

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