Attendance:  Think about it this way; your job at this moment is to attend your classes, participate fully, engage mentally and physically while learning more not only about your courses but yourself.  If you don’t show up to work or slack off and miss deadlines, you will find yourself gainfully unemployed.  Same in this course.  You don’t show up (mentally and physically) and you don’t complete your work on time with honest effort and care given, you will not pass this course.  (See Grading Contract for more information.)  For your reading pleasure… PSU’s Attendance Policy

Paperless Course(or as close as we can get):  We will be utilizing technology (course blog, individual blogs, Google Docs and more) that allows you to submit most, if not all, of your work electronically.  As such I have two MAJOR requirements.  When you are submitting a file to me through DROPitTOME, you must save it as a PDF.  You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Save it in your word-processor software as a PDF or
  2. Download CutePDF.  Free plugin that allows you to “print” to CutePDF.  This then will ask you where and what to name the file.  It will save a new PDF version of your document and you will upload this document to me.
And, you must save it in the following format.  I will be receiving upwards of 70 writings a week.  This format to save documents; helps me keep things organized.  “Unnamed” or documents not saved in this manner will be deleted without being recieved.  
SectionNo_LastName_AssignmentName (From right hand corner of the product descriptor)

Late Submissions:  See Grading Contract for more information.  

Technology:  Yes, there is a lot of technology.  We use it for multiple reasons.  One, the outside world uses it, most professions use it, you need to feel comfortable using it and as such, I will help you in that.  But, we take it piece by piece, I walk you through and by two weeks in, your comfortable with it all.

We will engage a range of computer tools and web-based applications. No prior skill is needed, only a willingness to engage and learn. If we need to take extra time to engage and learn, all you need to do is ask.

A majority of the tools we will be using in and outside of class are web-based, so you will not need any special software. I might, however, have some recommendations (not requirements) that I will provide at appropriate intervals. Furthermore, you should have an email address that you check regularly for this class. While I prefer to contact students via university email, I am open to other email addresses.

While technology makes life easier, it can also be difficult (computer crashes, deleted work, unavailable Internet connections, etc.). So, plan accordingly. “The computer ate my homework” or “the Internet was down” are not reasons to forgo the work assigned. It is in your best interest to leave extra time, especially in the first few weeks, to ensure that technology does not get in the way of your coursework.

 Academic Honesty:   Here you will find PSU’s Academic Integrity Policy.  We will discuss citation, it’s role in and out of an academic setting and you will use it.  With the focus of your writings being personal and local, this limits your opportunities to “buy a paper.”  That being typed, I will know if you submit a piece of writing that is not entirely yours.  I highly value honesty in all aspect of our time together, especially in your writing.  

Plagiarism:  Plagerism is not tolerated.  If you make the choice to plagerize; the consequece could result in you failing the assignment, failing the course, to being kicked out of the University.  

Academic Support:  Plymouth State University is committed to providing students with documented disabilities equal access to all university programs and facilities. If you think you have a disability requiring accommodations, you should immediately contact the PASS Office in Lamson Library (535-2270) to determine whether you are eligible for such accommodations. Academic accommodations will only be considered for students who have registered with the PASS Office. If you have a Letter of Accommodation for this course from the PASS Office, please provide the instructor with that information privately so that you and the instructor can review those accommodations.

Student Writing Support:  I encourage everyone one to visit the University Writing Center at least once.  It is a service that is available to everyone, it’s free and they will help you to better your papers.  Isn’t that worth 15 minutes of your time?  

Student Conduct:  We will create an environment of respect and community.  I expect all of us to treat each other with the level of respect that you would want to be treated.  As we discuss each others writings and several readings, personal and emotional topics are bound to come up.  As you give peer feedback on someone’s writing, do so positively and with care.  Would you want someone to say that your piece of writing that you labored on was horrible?  Probably not.  We can give constructive feedback to each other without be hurtful.