Thursday, 2/9 Recap

In Class:

  • We cut paper for your actual body map.
  • Expanded our writing from Tuesday (5 moments, 1 Moment) down to encompass a 1 minute sliver of time.
  • We created Lost Ad’s for a Lost Banana.
  • Listened to a 4 minute section from the book 1Q84 as an example of the amazing depth of details.
  • Analyzed Steve Jobs and Randy Pausch through the Levels of Meaning Chart.

Due Sunday:

  • WJQ2:  My Writing PTSD is… (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) — 500+ words posted to your Home page on your WordPress site (Top of the page, New… Post).  Tweet the link!

Due Tuesday:

  • Q&Q3 Dropped to me TWO hours before class. (NRR 7 mths, 10 Captivity–Rhodes)
  • Body Mapping Product:  A fully decorated/designed/detailed outline body (yours preferably) brought into class with only ONE word on it.  A 500+ word essay that tells the story of your multi-media body map.  Your body map may only represent/tell the story of ONE MINUTE of your life.  (Think back to in class activities).
  • You need to Post your Body Map to your own WordPress site on its own Page (top of page, new, page.)  You must also upload a picture of the actual body outline (decorated) and your 500+ words of text.
  • You need to drop your 500+ words of text as well.
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