Thursday Recap

In Class:

  • We explored our own definitions of our nouns, Google‘s and an formal dictionary definition.
  • We also looked up synonyms and antonyms.
  • We searched the Oxford English Dictionary for the historical uses of our word.
  • Next we found 3-5 quotes spanning time that had our word in there.
  • And we discovered what, if anything, the Urban Dictionary had to say about our word.
  • I asked you to draw your word.
  • Then you created a concept map of your word.
  • With all of this information fresh in your minds, you then created a new definition based off of this.

Every Day:

  • You are tweeting daily now about your abstract noun.

For Sunday:

  • WJ3:  Topic is something (anything really) to do with your word.  Expand upon your daily tweets, weave them together, fiction, non-fiction, etc.  Your choice… But it must be 500-750 words (add word count on the bottom) and be published/tweeted on your blog by 11:59pm on Sunday.

For Tuesday:

  • Finish reading Essay in NRR
  • QQ 5 due two hours before class & Tweet your Thoughts
  • Bring Laptops if you have them, if not, you can use classroom computers

For Thursday:

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