Tuesday 2/7 Recap

  • Reminder
  • If you submitted your Q&Q incorrectly or didn’t compose a Writing Journal (First week reflections on Comp) you have 24 hours to do so with no ill effects on your contract grade.
  • If you haven’t filled out the Digital Footprint form… kindly do it now…

Today we introduced the body mapping product.  All related materials, videos, etc can be found on that page.

On Thursday (2-9), you need to have the following complete:

  • “Readings”
  • Q & Q #2 (Three total questions and quotes with explanations submitted electronically via the submit here page on the site.)  Make sure saved correctly, in PDF format and you have your name on the actual document.
  • 3-5 possible moments/topics for your body map. Hand-written, typed, whatever works, but ready to go.

Remember; a not turned in Q&Q is considered a late, than missing assignment.  And will most definitely affect your final grade for the course.  Make sure you understand the grading contract.

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